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“Traditional thinking is all about "what is." Future thinking will also need to be about what can be.”-- Edward de Bono

mES crafting an experience that will bring you sustainable results


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Taking your team or organization off-site allows them to gain a perspective they may not be able to gain in the workplace.  You are making an investment of time and resources and you want results.   


You demand a return on your investment and our structure will assist in getting you there. When you partner with mES we tailor your session on your specific needs and expected outcomes.  Programs are interactive, and involve Action Learning and exercises that keep the entire group active and participative.


We incorporate strategies and tactics so that the work you do gets transferred back to your place of business and becomes part of your operational norms.


·         Innovation

            °        Are you looking to become more innovative as an organization?

°        Do you need a process that moves you from innovative theory to innovative practices?


·         Change Management

°        Does your leadership or organization know how to deploy an effective change management strategy?

°        Is your organization experiencing change that is overwhelming its effectiveness?

·         Culture

°      Do you have the culture you want and need to drive your business?

°      Are there aspects of your current culture that are limiting or holding you back from performance breakthroughs?

°      Does your organization understand the impact of culture?


·         Executive Coaching

°       Could you use an outside perspective to help you get to the next level of leadership?

°       Could your organization benefit from individuals who have held senior and C-level positions?


·         Leadership Development & Training

°      Are your leaders leading or managing and do they know the difference?

°      How effective are your leadership competencies?


·         Individual and Group Assessments

°      We offer many assessments that can be used as part of any program you want developed:

Ø  Leadership styles

Ø  Individual working styles and preferences

Ø  Identifying creativity and innovation


·         Measurement and Metrics

°      Are you measuring the right performance indicators?

°      Do you have a mix of operational and performance metrics?

°      Does your current measurement system drive the correct behavior?


·         Team Building       

°      Does your team leverage all its strengths?

°      How well does your team or organization work and play together?


·         Team Dynamics

o    Are there multiple agendas?

o    Have roles developed that diminish or maximize productivity and effectiveness?

o    Are your team interactions as effective as they should or could be? 




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